Rise of the Runelords

Boars & Crypts

Post Goblin Shenanigans

Following the catastrophe at the Swallowtail Festival, our unlikely heroes were swept into different directions. Medved, Arthmael, Zim, and Cal chose to tend to the villagers and discuss the goblin's motives of attacking. Polk and Variel had much more nefarious plans in mind.

In the commotion, Sheriff Hemlock and his men managed to capture one of the goblin underlings. Covered in food and filled with rage, he refused to talk to the Sheriff. Enter one bear and one bear-like man. Arthmael bared his teeth at the creature, while Medved threateningly recited a recipe for shepherd's pie in druidic. Zim and Cal stood at the side and asked questions, with Cal translating through his abilities to comprehend unknown languages. Through their interrogation, the group learned that the goblins themselves may have been a distraction for darker deeds..

The longshank leader has robbed a mausoleum. 

The Hagfish. Late Evening. Polk tracked his target to the bar and noted the pungent smelling fish in the tank. Ol' Nora is hideous. Through astute observation, a challenge exists at this establishment. Pay to drink out of Ol' Nora's tank and take all of the silver in the pouch. That is, if you can keep it down. It's not complicated to beguile a drunk mayor into taking the challenge for herself. She lacks the fortitude and Polk isn't quite sure what Variel sees in her. He gathers the information Variel requires, and leaves post-haste to the Rusty Dragon.

In the Rusty Dragon, Variel is putting on a bit of a show. Juggling fireballs and amazing the townsfolk. With each fireball, Ameiko blushes more. Variel, though a lady's man by trade, is not much of a smooth talker. He lets his abilities do the talking. His choice between Ameiko and Mayor Devirin may prove to be as dangerous as his fire juggling..

The heroes regroup in the Rusty Dragon again and head out to assist Sheriff Hemlock with the disturbance in the boneyard. It seems, upon their arrival, that one of the mausoleums has been robbed. The group enters, while Arthmael and the Sheriff stand watch at the door. One of the tombs lays empty, when suddenly the skeletons on the floor are reanimated and begin their attack. Our group makes short work of them and tell the news to the Sheriff and Father Zantus. 

The sheriff and Zantus further discuss the goblin's motives with the group. Will we ever find out what they wanted in the crypt? (Tune in next time on Dragonball Z) Zantus showers our heroes in supplies and a few gifts to help them along their way. 

The group returns to the Rusty Dragon for some food and drink before turning in for the night.

The following morning, Aldern Foxglove is waiting for them in the tavern to remind them of the hunt they were invited to. The group accompanies Aldern and his friends on the hunt and discover one thing more terrifying than even goblins and skeletons..

One angry boar.






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