Rise of the Runelords

Sandpoint Adventures and a Banquet!

     The vicious boar down. A party wounded, yet ready for a feast! As our gang heads back to town they hear a terrible scream. One of Aldern's manservants no doubt. They come upon the group of servants and find one has a giant tick on him! The fight is going fine until more ticks begin to rain from above! Our heroes dispatch the creatures but not without cost. Calenor, Zim, and a servant have been drained and will require healing. The group heads back to the Rusty Dragon to prepare the feast.

     Once back to town our gang splits up once again for various errands. Medved learns more about the Bonegrinder goblins from a very goblin obsessed stable owner. Variel flirts with Ameiko, as this has become is new hobby. Polk goes to the market to find poison, but is unsuccessful due to the cost. Cal and Zim take another trip to the local church. They tell of their troubles with boars and ticks and while Father Zantus doesn't seem impressed, he is sympathetic. They, and their blood, are restored!

Back at the Rusty Dragon, Variel is being observed by a group of young girls. None of our gang has the slightest idea of who these girls could be, but they seem to like him. They must not have talked to him yet. One of the girls comes over. She tells of troubles with rats in her basement and requests that Variel, a powerful and evil witch, come and help her. However when Variel arrives at the basement he finds no rats. Only a young girl with questionable morals who seduces him! As they are getting to know each other, quite rapidly and with their bodies, a large bang on the basement door is heard. The girls father comes into the room, tall and burly with a burning rage in his eyes. "Get away from my daughter!!" he yells. With just two swings of his mighty fist landing, Variel is broken and bleeding. He seems to be in trouble. Variels quick thinking prevails however as he puts the man to sleep with a spell and runs out of the house. Polk, having come to make sure everything was ok; sees Variel running out of the house holding on to all his clothes, instead of wearing them.

     More errands are being run in preparation for the feast, which is just about to begin. Zim is assisting Ameiko with the food, and doing a mighty fine job! While shopping around Medved finds a peculiar amulet and hopes someone in his group can help him decipher the strange markings and figures. A young man approaches Polk and hands him a note. He requests a  meeting after dark, and seems to be in trouble. Our heroes put their heads together and come to the conclusion that the amulet has magic of the Faye. When certain Words are spoken in Faye, two soldiers emerge from the amulet. Faceless and unresponsive the soldiers are very creepy. The same incantation that summons, also dismisses the soldiers and we see them disappear back into the amulet.

     The feast is well under way and all of the most important people in town are there. Our heroes included! They are the heroes who saved the town in their time of need and hold a special place in the peoples hearts. Everyone is having a great time, recounting stories of the day. Polk is still suspicious of the town. Variel tries to convince his friends that the girl was totally into him and completely legal. The feast is going swimmingly. Until a man enters the bar. Yelling and trying to pick a fight with everyone! Our group prepares to deal with this intruder but is stopped by Ameiko. "Father! What are you doing here?" she says. He is a member of Sandpoint's nobility however he is not as big a fan of our gang as the rest of the town. He begins hurling insults at the heroes and upon insulting Arthmael is picked up by Medved. He finishes his talk with Ameiko, asking her to come home. She denies his request and Medved throws him outside.

     Once dinner is done the group heads out to meet up with and investigate the young man. He tells of his troubles. He and a friend decided it would be a good idea to get into highway robbery. On their first trip out they attempted to rob the wrong people, were beaten severely and separated. This all occurred near the Ashen Moor. The group decides to check out these claims eventually and head back to the Inn for the night.

     Back at the Rusty Dragon, our gang finds a meeting happening with the mayor, sheriff Hemlock, and a strange woman in armor. The group is invited to join the meeting as it concerns them greatly. The woman introduces herself as Shalelu, and recounts her history of bravery and heroism. She is a mercenary, not a noble profession ordinarily, but she has taken up the duty of keeping goblins out of where they don't belong. She tells us of the five major goblin tribes:

Bird Cruncher

Lick Toads

Seven Tooths


Thistle Top

     She tells us that recently the tribes, who normally stay out of each others way, appear to be uniting! There could be someone smarter and more powerful leading the goblins. They tell her that one goblin did say something about a "longshank" master. The meeting comes to a close with the conclusion that more investigating should be done. Our group wil look into the goblins as they are a very pressing matter and could lead to more important discoveries. They are told that the Mosswood goblins are causing trouble so thats the best place to start!

     In the morning our gang will venture forth to find the cause of this goblin craziness! 



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