Rise of the Runelords


A Bloody Morning


     We awake in the Rusty Dragon ready to start the day only for one of the workers to tell us that Ameiko is missing! We investigate the room which appears orderly, however a note is on the bed. The note opens with "Hello, Sis!"; and asks Ameiko to come to the Glassworks at midnight to help look for her dad and find information on Sandpoint's recent troubles. The note is very vague but hints that asking for help could result in more trouble. The sender of the note, as signed at the bottom of the page is Tsuto. We learn that this is the name of Ameiko'S brother. He is bad news. Our worries rise and we decide the best course of action is to head to the glassworks.

     We arrive at the Glassworks and look around. Its a large building with tall windows, too tall for us to see in. As our crew fumbles around trying to find a way into the building, a few passerbys inquire about our suspicious activity.  Polk walks to the door and picks the lock. The crew enters and finds that the place is a mess. Obviously some bad stuff went down. We look around the place and check out some rooms. Opening a door to a large dining area we are greeted by a terrible sight.  Blood covers the floor and tables, everything is smashed yet strangely there are no bodies. We follow trails of blood down a hallway and come to what would normally be a room for cooking glass. Instead it is covered with blood, body parts, and goblins. After a long fight involving fire, glass, pain, and a very impressive table throw only one goblin remains. We chase him down and discover that he is the same goblin that we interrogated just a couple of days ago. We do away with him and investigate the room further.

    In the center of the room is a man incased in solid glass with a slight gold tint to it. Upon further inspection we realize this is Ameikos dad. He couldn't have been the one in charge of these goblins. We double back to check out the file room and a safe for clues. Our search is unsuccessful, however Variel finds a hidden compartment with gold and gems in a sack. He takes it, but not without hearing a few words from Zim who heavily disagrees with this action. 

     As we continue exploring we realize there are tunnels to check out. The tunnels are like a maze but we are making it through. We see a room with a door and decide to check it out. Generally doors help hide things. We sneak in and find an elf asleep on a bed, he doesn't notice us. We think quickly and begin wrapping rope around him and the bed.  As he awakes, Medved pulls the rope tight and secures him to the bed. After a little roughing up we discover that he is Tsuto and he will not spill anymore beans. Searching his stuff we find a journal and in it the plans for the previous goblin invasion. As well as plans for a bigger attack. HE is in charge! We learn that his girlfriend is trying to become a demon! We learn more about her plans and who she is and decide to take Tsuto with us. However we can't leave without Ameiko! We find her in a nearby rooms. She is hurt but not anything that Zim can't take care of. We gather our party and head back to town.



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