Calenor Sylrenthis


An Elven Curved Blade Duelist played by Brian.

Cal’ is a tall, slender elf with very dark brown hair and green eyes. He carries himself with confidence and intention. He is typically found wearing an earthy, flowing outfit of greens and browns. He favors wearing a cloak and even likes to cover part of his face from time to time, allowing his sword-form to dictate his identity over his appearance.


Calenor ‘Cal’ Sylrenthis was born in a small elven village on the outskirts of the Sanos Forest. He spent the first years of life playing in the nearby woods and pretending to be a great hero, never far from the protective watch of his parents and rarely letting his younger brother, Variel, out of his sight. When he was still very young, a band of giants attacked his village, pillaging and destroying everything in sight. What wasn’t deemed valuable enough for spoil, was crushed beneath their feet. The village-folk resisted as best they could, but it wasn’t enough; nearly everything was left in shambles. Despite the vast destruction, a few villagers managed to escape the onslaught. Cal and his brother were led out, by a friend of the family, deeper into the forest where their grandparents were rumored to live.

While dense forests were normal for most elves, Sanos forest was different. Strange sylvan creatures were said to wander those ancient woods, and there were stories of curious villages of gnomes dotting the undergrowth. After months of searching, Cal and Variel were eventually united with their grandparents, who lived alone, deep in the forest, at peace with the it’s other inhabitants.

Cal’s grandfather, a swordsman of some note took Cal as an apprentice and taught him the art of the sword. He taught him that true swordsmanship was more than just flailing a piece of metal around, it was an art form. He learned to calculate an opponent’s moves, and to gracefully dodge in and out of battle—the art of the curved blade being more like dancing than traditional sword-fighting.

Cal let his rage and desire for vengeance fuel his dedication. Eventually he would come to terms with the death of his parents—something Variel was never able to do—but he still had a passion to avenge them. The images of the attack on his village were forever burned into his memory. Cal completed his training by forging his own sword, which he named ’N’dengin Norsae’, meaning giant-slayer. Meanwhile, he learned to live a life of balance in the woods of Sanos, even to the point of connecting with some of the fey’s magic; though it was nothing like the magic his brother and grandmother were capable of.

Now that his training is complete, Cal is ready to venture forth, and rumor has it that the town of Sandpoint has been targeted by a band of giants, seeking more devastation. He must not let that happen. Packing up his things, Cal turns to Variel and says, “Come along brother, it’s time.”

Calenor Sylrenthis

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