Medved of Mosswood


A human druid, with bear companion. Played by Fuzz.

Medved is a bear of a man. In more ways than one. His long auburn hair flows drapes past his shoulders, specked with leaves and branches from the sheltering trees of the Mosswood. His skin bronzed by the sun. His eyes hold the same yellow ferocity of his brother, Arthmael.


Medved was born to human parents, unbeknownst to him. For most of life, he has lived among the bears of the Mosswood, being nurtured by the care of his adoptive mother, Kandma, and taught the druidic arts.

Kandma, a druid herself, never revealed her human form to Medved. She maintained the shape of the motherly bear that Medved loved. They lived among a sleuth of bears in the Mosswood. Through her use of druidic magic, she taught Medved how to commune with the forest and live off the land. She taught him of the outside world and of hunters, trappers, poachers and foresters. She taught him of the legendary heroes that fight for balance and of the need to protect their sleuth. She told grand tales of inns and ales.

Late one fall moon, Medved’s nostrils were thick with the scent of blood and fire. Poachers. As Medved rushed to the aid of his family, an arrow struck him in the shoulder causing him to fall to the ground. The fall took his consciousness and the poachers believed him dead. As he rose, he rushed to the side of a dying old woman that he had never seen before. Kandma. “Save.. the.. cubs..” she said breathlessly and pointed into the clearing, illuminated by fire.

Medved snuck into the camp as the fires began to die down. Only one cub was left alive, his brother Arthmael. The poachers had enough trouble with the younger cubs and were too drunk to finish Arthmael. As the poachers slept, Medved took a knife and plunged it into each of their hearts. An eye for an eye. A heart for a heart. Balance.

With their family gone, Medved and Arthmael set out to make a new life for themselves. They would become the heroes in the tales Kandma told. They would one day have a sleuth of their own.

Medved of Mosswood

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